When it comes to what a Christian should do in these days and times— these last days and perilous times—I’d like to begin with something we shouldn’t do. We shouldn’t be deceived by the Americanized Christianity that is passing for real Christianity in America today.

In a recent article, Erick Erickson wrote about how many in America have concocted an Americanized Christianity. According to Erickson, many American Christians “love the country as a substitute for God.” Although I agree with Erickson that many professed Christians in America are practicing an Americanized Christianity, I don’t see it as substituting love of country for love of Christ. Instead, I see it as confusing one with the other or seeing both as synonymous, resulting in the widespread belief among American evangelicals that political activism is equivalent to serving Christ.

In the past, Christians in America—a Christian nation that served as a shining city on a hill for the whole world to see—equated allegiance to America as allegiance to Christ. Unfortunately, many Christians in today’s America—an anti-christ nation that has not only outlawed any confession of Christ by its government, but is now outlawing the Christian convictions of its populace—are frozen in time. They act as though nothing has changed, as though allegiance to today’s anti-christ America is the same as allegiance to yesterday’s Christian America.