I heard a pastor tell a story about a visit to North Carolina’s outer banks. He drove onto a ferryboat to visit some of the outer islands. When he did, a big  tall country boy parked his car on the ferry and returned to him his keys. Afterward, the pastor told how a brand new Cadillac pulled onto the ferry. After a man and woman got out, the big tall country boy parked their car on the ferry as well. However, when he returned the keys to the man, the man went into a public tirade against the boy, unmercifully dressing him down for the way he had driven and parked the Cadillac.

The pastor, feeling sorry for the boy, went up to him and apologized for the Cadillac owner’s unwarranted verbal assault. The boy, much to the surprise of the pastor, assured him that the Cadillac owner had neither embarrassed him nor bothered him. When the pastor enquired how this could possibly be true, the boy pointed up to the ferryboat’s wheelhouse. There, at the helm, stood a man.

The man at the wheel was identified by the boy as the owner of the boat. “I work for him,” the boy said. He then went on to explain to the pastor: “Whenever I park a car on the ferry, I look up to him. If he gives me the okay sign afterward, I know it is good. If not, I know he is unsatisfied and I need to park the car again. When I parked the Cadillac, the man above gave me the okay sign, which was all I needed. It doesn’t matter to me what anybody else thinks or says, because I work for the man up there. He is the only one I have to please, because he is the only one I have answer to.”

As long as Christ above gives us the okay sign, we shouldn’t care what others think or say. After all, as Christians, we’re living our lives for Him. He is the only one we have to please, because He is the only one we have to answer to.