I recently experienced a good example of what we talked about in yesterday’s devotion; namely, cutting the world down to our size. Following a recent sermon I preached against abortion, two women shared stories with me about how they had personally intervened to prevent a threatened abortion in their immediate families. Afterward, these two women shared how they had raised or helped to raise the saved child, who today is living a life that is both honoring to Christ and glorifying to God.

The truth is; neither of these two ladies could have prevented the millions of abortions that have been performed in our world. What they could do and did, however, was step in and prevent an abortion from being performed in their own personal world. Likewise, you and I cannot stop worldwide abortions. What we can do, however, is attempt to save children from abortions in our own personal world, as well as personally do whatever it takes afterward to help raise these saved children into Christian adults who will live Christian lives that are glorifying to God.

Too often today Christians get caught up in some grandiose scheme to change the whole world. Unfortunately, by doing so, we overlook the real potential God has afforded us to personally make some change in the world. We often make the tragic mistake of overlooking the earthlings God could use us to change by straining to see a way to change the whole earth.

In order for the church of Jesus Christ to change the world, each Christian must focus on the little change in the world Christ can use him/her to make. If each Christian did this, then, and only then, could Christ use us all to change the world Himself. On the other hand, as long as we’re trying to do by ourselves what only Christ can do through us, all the world will never be changed.

An old man noticed a small boy walking along the seashore one morning throwing starfish back into the sea. Hundreds of starfish had been washed up on the shore by a storm the night before. The man approached the boy and asked what good he thought he was really doing since there was no way in the world he could possibly save all the starfish that had washed up on the shore. In response, while picking up another starfish and throwing it back into the sea, the boy said, “I just made all the difference in the world to that one right there.”

The question for you to ask yourself is not how you can win the world to Christ. Obviously, you can’t. The question for you to ask yourself is who in your personal world could Christ use you to win to Himself. Stop looking for a way to make a difference in the whole wide world and start looking for people in your daily life for whom Christ could use you to make all the difference in the world.