We’ve talked about the importance of focusing on spiritual things in these biblically predicted perilous times of the last days. We’ve talked about focusing on our relationship with Christ in the here and now and about focusing on our being rewarded by Christ in the hereafter. Let’s turn our attention now to the importance of focusing on small things.

The Bible predicts an incredible “increase” in “knowledge” at the end of time (Daniel 12:4). Knowledge is increasing today at such a phenomenal speed that it doubles every other year. There is more knowledge posted on the Internet in every 48 hours than was recorded from the beginning of history till the year 2003. Your cellphone not only gives you access to more information than is stored in the Library of Congress, but it also has more computing capacity than the Apollo 13 spacecraft.

In this incredible information age, events occurring on the other side of the world can be communicated to us on our cellphones in an instant. It is as though we hold the whole world in the palm of our hand. As a result, we not only feel enabled to interface with the whole world, but empowered to impact the whole world as well.

Despite the grandiose potential we perceive ourselves to possess in today’s high tech Information Age, the actual sphere of influence for the average person is a small place consisting of a few people. It is pretty much confined to our home, church, workplace, and neighborhood. It is pretty much restricted to our family, friends, and acquaintances.

Rather than taking in the whole world—25,000 miles around—our life really boils down to this place, this time, and the people immediately around us right here and now. It’s important, therefore, that we understand this and cut the world down to our size. Otherwise, we’ll be constantly disappointed by our failure to influence and change the whole world.