The only hope for America is for the American people to get right with God. And the only way the American people will ever get right with God is if the church preaches the Gospel in America. Unfortunately, as we’ve written about in previous devotions in this series, the church in America has swapped the preaching of the Gospel for the political stump speech. Rather than simply fishing in the pond, as fishers of men and preachers of the Gospel, the church has decided to attempt to clean up the pond through its political activism. As a result, the church has forfeited its means of transforming our culture in order to participate in a corrupt political process that only serves to further muddy the waters of today’s politically correct society.

As we’ve pointed out in previous devotions in this series, there is no way for the church to involve itself in modern-day politics without compromising the Gospel. Whereas compromise is considered a great virtue in politics, it is a great vice when it comes to preaching the Gospel. As Christ’s stewards of the Gospel in the world today, the church’s commission is not only to preach the Gospel, but also to protect and preserve its purity. If we fail to do so, man’s hope of salvation will be lost to the next generation, since we’ll be passing off to it a compromised rather than pure Gospel.

Understanding what was at stake, the loss of the next generation’s hope of salvation, the Apostle Paul refused to give an inch or to compromise the Gospel for an instant, lest the Gospel passed down from his generation to the next be robbed of its power to save (Galatians 2:5). Likewise, as Christians today, you and I need to protect and preserve the purity of the Gospel by refusing to give an inch or to compromise the Gospel anywhere, at anytime, with anybody, for any reason!