So far in our devotions we’ve talked about something we shouldn’t do and something we should do. What we shouldn’t do is fall for the Americanized Christianity that is passing for true Christianity in America today. What we should do is preach repentance, despite the fact that it is as unpopular a message as could possibly be preached in these politically correct times. In this devotion, we’ll talk about a second thing we should do as Christians in these biblically predicted perilous times of the last days.

The only way America will ever change is if the American people change. The only way the American people will ever change is if Christ changes them. And the only way Christ can change the American people is if the church will do what Christ commissioned us to do in Mark 16:15, namely, preach the Gospel. As Christians, there is nothing more important we can do for our world and fellowman or for our country and countrymen than preach the Gospel!