Make no mistake about it; there is no more unpopular or politically incorrect message that can be preached in today’s America than the message of repentance—that all men are sinners who need to turn from their sin with a broken heart and turn to the Savior, Jesus Christ, with all of their heart. For instance, to preach repentance to a homosexual; that is, to preach that he/she is a sinner that needs to turn from their sin of homosexuality to Christ, is to assure oneself of being readily and roundly condemned in today’s America as an intolerant homophobe.

In light of incurring such protest, as well as suffering such persecution over the least little peep of repentance in today’s politically correct America, the contemporary church has ceased to preach repentance. As a result, we are actually eliminating all possibility of repentance in America and of America’s return to God.

As a Christian in today’s America, you must ask yourself whether or not you are willing to do what Christ has commissioned you to do, preach repentance, regardless of how unpopular it makes you and of how much persecution you’ll have to suffer for doing so. Now that you know what to do, the question becomes whether or not you have the courage and commitment to do it.