So far in these timely devotions on What To Do, we’ve talked about what we shouldn’t do. We shouldn’t fall for the Americanized Christianity that is passing for true Christianity in America today. If we do, we’ll exchange the preaching of the Gospel, the only hope of changing America, for political activism, something incontrovertibly proven over the last several years to be totally ineffectual at changing anything.

Today, we’re talk about the first thing we should do as Christians in these biblically predicted perilous times of the last days. We should preach repentance! The only way America will ever repent of its sin and return to God is if the American people repent of their sin and turn to God. The only way the American people will ever repent of their sin and turn to God is if the church will do what Christ commissioned us to do in Luke 24:47, namely, preach repentance in our land.

What was the message of the Old Testament prophets? Repentance! What was the message of John the Baptist? Repentance! What was the message of Jesus? Repentance! What was the message Jesus commissioned His disciples to preach to “all nations”? Repentance! What is the message the church is to be preaching in the world today? Repentance! The message has never changed. Repentance is the message of the Bible.