The big lie that keeps the American electorate monopolized by today’s two-party political system is that the only way to effect change in America is to win elections. Since there is little chance of elections being won by anyone but a Democrat or Republican, voters feel obligated to vote for one or the other, lest they throw their vote away. While voters may have to wade through all kinds of trash to get to the polls in these days and times, many still prefer going to the polls to staying at home. While voters may have to hold their noses to vote for today’s Republicans or Democrats, many voters still prefer putting their vote in a ballot box to perceivably tossing it into the trash can. As a result, our political monopolizers continue to sit in the catbird seat and grin like Cheshire Cats.

My argument with the political activism of today’s evangelicals is that it is based on the false proposition that winning elections is the only way to effect change in America. One of the last events in the life of our Lord was His losing of a public election by a landslide (Matthew 27:15-26). Yet, our Lord changed the world! How? By His uncompromising stand for the truth, which is also the reason He lost a public election to a common criminal by a landslide. As our Lord clearly demonstrated, it’s the truth, not winning public elections that changes the world.

As long as today’s evangelicals compromise the truth in order to continue voting for truth-spurning politicians, we’ll effect no change in America. Neither is there any hope of us ever doing so as long as we refuse to opt out of today’s two-party political monopoly. What we must do is serve notice to both political parties that we will no longer violate our Christian convictions to punch a ballot for their candidates. Furthermore, if knowing they can no longer take our votes for granted fails to force them to nominate candidates who will fulfill their campaign promises to do the right things once elected to office, then, I would propose that we start a third political party, regardless of whether or not any of our candidates ever wins a public election. At least we’ll be able to go to the polls for the real good of our country and punch a ballot without violating our Christian convictions or compromising Christ’s Gospel! Win or lose, such an uncompromising stand for the truth is the only way we can hope to change America.