Political monopoly is exacting a most exuberant price upon our country, one we can ill-afford to pay. It is trapping us in a corrupt political process within which the electorate is being monopolizing by politicians for the good of their own political careers, as well as for the self-serving ends of their power-hungry political parties. Everything boils down to political expediency; that is, what is best for the politician and his/her political party. In the end, the modern-day politician doesn’t care about what is best for our country and its citizenry; neither does he or she care about whether the American electorate is served or snookered. All the modern-day politician cares about is winning the next election.

In his farewell presidential speech, George Washington warned how political parties could one day lead our country into “a frightful despotism.” Our second president, John Adams, said that a two-party political system should “be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.” The political wisdom of these two Founding Fathers is clearly seen today with the “frightful” and “dreaded evil” they warned us about being currently perpetrated in our country by Democrats and Republicans.

To protect their political monopoly over the American electorate, Democrats and Republicans attempt to persuade voters that there is no other viable alternative at the polls than to vote for one of their candidates. They malign independent candidates, as well as any attempt to form a viable third party. According to our political monopolizers, all an independent candidate or third party can accomplish is to take votes away from one major party’s candidate, with the subsequent result of throwing an election to the other major party’s candidate. Therefore, monopolized voters are deceived by their political monopolizers into perpetuating political monopoly in these United States. Voters are hoodwinked into believing that their only viable political alternative is to continue to dutifully and thoughtlessly patronize either Democrats or Republicans at the polls; otherwise, they’ll throw elections to the other who is less sympathetic to their special interests.