Permit me to provide you in this devotion with a couple of examples of the kind of political monopoly we talked about yesterday. The first example will show you how Democrats perpetrate it and the second how Republicans perpetrate it.

I’ve been flabbergasted for years by professed followers of Christ who religiously vote for Democratic candidates because of the Democratic Party’s support of labor unions. These professed Christians, who belong to a union, appear to belie their Christian profession by unconscionably voting for ungodly Democrats who promise to both safeguard and better all union benefits. If you’re a union member, even one who professes Christ, who is governed at the polls by your pocketbook rather than the Good Book, then, the pro-choice, same-sex marriage defending, society profaning, Christian-bashing, socialist promoting Democratic Party has a monopoly on your vote.

You may have to hold your nose over all the other things today’s Democratic Party stands for, things which are merely the means of monopolizing the votes of others; such as, the votes of feminists, homosexuals, atheists, and Marxists, but, as a union member, you feel your pocketbook leaves you with no other alternative but to vote for a Democrat. As a result, the Democratic Party is able to take your vote for granted, knowing that no matter how offensive to you the other planks in its political platform are, you’ll still show up at the polls each election with your union card and voter registration card in hand to punch your ballot for a Democrat.

On the other side of today’s corrupt political spectrum is the majority of today’s evangelicals who religiously show up at the polls to vote Republican, despite the fact that the Republican Party has been incontrovertibly proven to be populated by “Joe Isuzus” and “Benedict Arnolds.” No matter how many times evangelicals are lied to and betrayed by Republican candidates, evangelicals keep going to the polls and voting Republican. Why? Is it not because the Republican Party has a monopoly on the evangelical vote?

The only choice for evangelicals in today’s corrupt political system is between unrighteous Democrats and unrighteous Republicans. The only difference between the two is one openly vows to promote unrighteousness in our society, while the other subtly feigns to promote righteousness. In the end, evangelicals opt to support the underhanded politician over the upfront one; since there are no other alternatives. As a result, the Republican Party takes the votes of evangelicals for granted, knowing that no matter how many times they renege on their false campaign promises to promote righteousness in our society back-scarred evangelicals will continue to show up at the polls to cast their ballots for backstabbing Republican candidates.