When asked to write the devotions for November I had the idea to write two short devotions about each of the Minor Prophets. Being Minor Prophets they could not be that important I thought but as I began to study the real truth came to me. I remember a professor saying “the only reason the Minor Prophets where named minor was because of the length of their books not the content.”

So with a proper perspective in place I will attempt to write devotions from the book of Hosea the first of the Minor Prophets, knowing now, without a doubt that the entire Bible is necessary for the full council of God.

Dear Lord: Give me the wisdom to understand the full council of God found in your holy word. The insight to understand every dot and tittle is necessary to understand everything that is written. Lord bless me as I begin this study of Hosea place the truths of the scripture in my heart.

In Jesus name I pray amen.