The Conflict

The Conflict


The prince of darkness and legion

Go forth in this world to win

The invaluable prize of the conflict

The immortal souls of men.


Heaven aligns its forces.

The battle lines are drawn.

Eternities hang in the balance.

In fury the war rages on.


Humanities blind to the conflict,

Though they the victor’s spoil;

Insensitive to the battle,

Due to lives of earthy toil.


Where are God’s gallant warriors,

Who wax valiant in the fight,

Who turn back the torrents of darkness,

Clad in the armor of light?


O Lord chasten your children.

In haste wield the rod.

Force to their knees your people

That they may rise and take hold of God.


Then God’s mighty princes

Who are destined to prevail

Will scale the citadels of evil

And snatch men from the clutches of hell.