Bible Reading: 1 John 1:5-10

According to the ancient Prophet Amos, only those in agreement with one another can walk together (Amos 3:3). In light of this, what are we to conclude about professed Christians who disagree with God about their sin? Instead of being convicted over it and confessing it, they deny it and defend it. Obviously, despite their Christian profession, they’re not walking with God.

Far from walking in the light, they are walking “in darkness,” which proves their Christian profession to be a “lie.” Instead of children of God, they are children of the devil, who like their father are void of the truth (John 8:44). They, according to the Apostle John, have deceived themselves and are guilty of making God out to be “a liar” and “His Word” out to be untrue (vs. 8, 10).

Anyone who denies and defends their sin rather than admits and quits it is walking in darkness. They are certainly not walking in the light or in agreement with God. If they profess to be a Christian, their Christian profession is proven to be a lie. They are a hypocrite; someone whose glossing over of their sin proves that they are unacquainted with God.