Bible Reading: 1 John 4:2-3

After creating a firestorm and coming under vicious attack in the media for daring to suggest that professional golfer Tiger Woods convert from Buddhism to Christianity, Brit Hume, the former managing editor of the Fox News Channel and anchor of Fox’s Special Report, said the following:

“If you are trying to find the most explosive words in the English language, those two words are Jesus Christ…If you start talking about Jesus Christ…all hell breaks lose. People rage about this. It’s very offensive to those who don’t share the faith…This is to be expected, it’s been happening to people who proclaim their faith in Christ for as long as anybody can remember. This is part of the deal. You have to be willing to deal with this if you are going to say His name out loud.”

Before becoming the church’s greatest preacher of Christ to the Gentles, thanks to his miraculous conversion on Damascus Road, the Apostle Paul was the church’s greatest persecutor. According to his own admission, it was the name of Jesus that made him so “exceedingly mad” that he became obsessed with squelching the very mention of it from the face of the earth (Acts 26:11).Like Paul, the former Saul of Tarsus, the Jewish Sanhedrin was equally determined to silence the very mention of Jesus’ name upon the earth, which is why they forbid Christ’s apostles from mentioning His name to anybody (Acts 4:17; 5:40). Nothing has changed from those days of long ago. While the name of Jesus remains the most beloved name among present-day believers, it still makes unbelievers so exceedingly mad that they are determined to squelch the very mention of it from the face of the earth.

In the face of such hostility toward Christ, many professed modern-day Christians are cowering before a Christ-hating world. They refuse to mention the name of Jesus, lest they incur the furious ire of unbelievers. Such cowardice makes suspicious one’s Christian profession. How can one help but doubt the Christian profession of someone who refuses to publicly profess their Savior in order to avoid infuriating sinners?