Bible Reading: 1 John 2:22

Many professed believers today believe they’re being diplomatic when they suggest the possibility of other ways to God apart from faith in Christ alone. However, what they’re really dong is denying the Christian Faith that was once and for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3), contradicting the claim of Christ Himself (John 14:6), and proving themselves to be hypocrites and antichrists.

Contrary to popular opinion, respecting other people’s religions rather than refuting them is not a Christian thing to do. Indeed, nothing could be more unchristian. To spare the feelings of those advocating false faiths at the expense of their immortal souls is to perpetrate a most foul crime against them. Anyone guilty of such an act is obviously a “liar” and an “antichrist,” since they propagate the deception that the Gospel is dispensable and Christ is replaceable when it comes to man’s salvation.

While many contemporary Christians may plead innocent of advocating other paths to God apart from faith in Christ alone, they are silent in their opposition to the plethora of other paths to God being suggested today. Although they may feel their silence is justified by its inoffensiveness, it is actually a most damnable offense to perpetrate against all whose immortal souls are hanging over eternal destruction by the thin thread of spiritual deception.

As it has been astutely observed, “Silence is complicity.” To fail to warn others of the error of their ways is to be a party to their destruction. For instance, to fail to warn a train of a washed out trestle is to play a part in the destruction of all on board the train. Likewise, for a confessed Christian to fail to warn others of the dire consequences of their false beliefs is to play a part in their spiritual destruction. Just as failure to warn the train cannot be justified by your unwillingness to upset the passengers, failure to warn
others about their soul imperiling false beliefs cannot be justified by your unwillingness to offend the spiritually deceived.