Bible Reading: 1 John 2:22

The rat poison D-con is made mostly of good grain; it has only a little pinch of poison. It is the good grain that attracts the rat; it is the little pinch of poison that does him in. Likewise, false prophets and teachers may preach and teach mostly good things. Yet, it is that little pinch of bad doctrine that does in the gullible soul. Any little pinch of a lie mixed in with the truth can prove spiritually fatal to all who believe it.

If your profession of Christ is equivocal, allowing others to view your faith in Christ as a way to God, but not necessarily as the only way to God, then, your profession of Christ is a lie and you’re an antichrist. Only someone who has never been saved by Christ can be ambiguous in their acknowledgement of Christ as the world’s only Savior.

Many modern-day pews and pulpits are populated by antichrists, those who attempt to make the Gospel more palatable to a truth-regurgitating world by mixing a little lie in with the truth of the Gospel. These “D-con” clergymen and laymen prove themselves to be hypocrites by compromising the pure Gospel with a little pinch of apostasy or ambivalence. Although they mistakenly believe they are making the Gospel more attractive to others, what they’re really doing is denying the Gospel altogether.