Bible Reading: 1 John 3:14-19

According to the Apostle John, true love is proven “in deed and in truth,” not “in word” and with one’s “tongue.” John insists that there is no way “the love of God” can possibly dwell in someone who is unloving toward others. If the same “love of God” dwells in us that led Jesus to lay “down his life for us,” how can we not be moved with “compassion” when we see our “brother” in “need”? Furthermore, how can our “compassion,” which is spawned by Christ’s love within us, not result in charitable action toward our needy “brother”?

Compassion toward our needy brother, which is spawned by the love of Christ within us, will not be merely professed with our “tongue,” but proven by our “deeds.” We will be moved into action by Christ’s love within us. Whereas Christ “laid down his life for us,” His love within us will move us into action to do whatever it takes to meet the “need” of our needy “brother,” even if it requires us “laying down our lives for” him as Christ “laid down his life for us.”

The absence of love in action toward a needy brother is proof of the absence of Christ’s love within our heart. There is no way that Christ dwells in an uncaring heart. Uncharitableness undermines Christian confessions and serves as a distinguishing mark of a hypocrite.