“Pilate answered…Your own people and their leading priests brought you to me for trail. Why? What have you done?” (John 18:35 NLT)

If there every was a kangaroo court, a miscarriage of justice, partial jurists, trumped-up charges, false witnesses, a rigged jury, and unjust judges, they were to be found at the trail of Christ.

The trial of our Lord was a farce. The verdict was in before the trial convened or the evidence submitted. Sure, the proceedings had some superficial trappings to provide for at least the pretense of justice, but the inevitable outcome was the perversion of justice. Though the verdict was the most unjust in all of human history, it was unanimous—“And they all condemned him to be guilty of death” (Mark 14:64).

What better outcome could truth hope for before the bar of this fallen, truth-hating world? This dark world has always sought to toss truth off cliffs (Luke 4:29), to stone it into silence (John 10:31), to crucify it on crosses and to bury it forever in deep, dark, stone-enclosed tombs. In fact, this truth oppressing, lie obsessing world will meet its final demise when it gathers all of its forces against the truth in one last desperate attempt to forever destroy its indestructible nemesis (Revelation 19:11-21).

The verdict is not out on truth in this sin-cursed, Satan-controlled world. It never has been. While truth has had its few defenders down through the ages, it has always stood in the dock of this dark world to face a world of detractors. Even today, it stands roundly condemned on a myriad of false charges; from intolerance and hatred to superstition and ignorance, with the resulting effect that all who tout it end up taunted as bigots and boobs.

“[The trial of Christ] reminds me of the early western vigilantes who announced to their victims that they would be sure to give them a fair trial and then hang them.” (Roy Stedman)