“Now at that feast he released unto them one prisoner, whomsoever they desired. And there was one named Barabbas, which lay bound with them that had made insurrection with him, who had committed murder in the insurrection. And the multitude crying aloud began to desire him to do as he had ever done unto them. But Pilate answered them, saying, Will ye that I release unto you the King of the Jews? For he knew that the chief priests had delivered him for envy. But the chief priests moved the people, that he should rather release Barabbas unto them. And Pilate answered and said again unto them, What will ye then that I shall do unto him whom ye call the King of the Jews? And they cried out again, Crucify him. Then Pilate said unto them, Why, what evil hath he done? And they cried out the more exceedingly, Crucify him.” (Mark 15:6-14)

The crucifixion of Christ was by public demand. It was the cry of the crowd and the will of the people. Nothing has changed, the masses are no less malicious toward the Master today than they were on that first Good Friday. Now, like then, they demand His blood, but not as atonement for their sin, but in an attempt to eliminate the one who exposes their sin (John 15:18-25).

As the Light of the World (John 8:12; 9:5), Christ served as a searchlight on the sin of the world. Now that He is seated at the right hand of the Father, Christians, the lone stewards of Christ’s Gospel, serve as the light of the world (Matthew 5:14). It is our preaching of the Gospel that exposes man’s sin, as well as his dire and desperate need of a Savior. Consequently, the world hates us just as it did our Lord.

Many dismiss this world’s enmity toward Christ and all things Christian, despite the fact that it was clearly taught by the Savior and is repeatedly taught in the Scripture. Their careless dismissal of this clear biblical doctrine is based on the fact that they have never heard the modern-day masses crying “crucify Him!” Yet, they have heard a million and one more subtile cries that are just as savage and murderous toward the Master.

Today’s crowds are too crafty to cry out “Crucify Him!” Instead, they are far more devious in their attempts to rid the world of Christ. They cloak their murderous intent in pious sounding public outcry. They cry out against things like: “Intolerance,” “Fundamentalists,” “Inerrantists,” “Creationists,” “Homophobes,” “Hate-mongers” and the “Christian Right.” And they cry out for things like: “Ecumenism,” “Multiculturalism,” “Diversity,” “Globalism,” “Gay Rights,” and “Social Justice.”

Regardless of the cloak and dagger of the modern-day masses, public outcry today is still aimed at the elimination of any exposure of the world’s sin and need of a Savior. Anyone brave enough to preach the pure Gospel in today’s politically correct world will find himself just as excoriated and condemned as Christ. If you don’t believe it, just try it. Go ahead, I dare you!

The story is told of a Christian martyr who was asked by his executioner on the way to his execution, “Don’t you Christians know that the whole world is against you?” The Christian immediately replied, “Yes! And we are against the whole world.”