Neh. 5:9  “Also I said, It is not good that ye do:  ought ye not to walk in the fear of our GOD because of the reproach of the heathen our enemies?”  Another reason to walk with the Lord is because of our enemies, those who deny Christ.  They see how we walk – not much different than they do.  Nehemiah had this problem with the Israelites.  They were charging their brethren interest, claiming their fields, vineyards and even their houses.  This was no different from what their enemies were doing to them.  He said they had done their best to buy back their brethren who were sold to foreigners.  Nehemiah went to the nobles and rulers to rebuke them in public.  He accused them of these things and the Bible says they “found nothing to say.”  He warned them that God will shake them and empty them of their jobs, homes and possessions.  He called the priests and got an oath from them that they would make things right and give back what they had taken from their brethren.  The fear of God and His judgment convinced them to “walk in the fear of our god”.  All the people said “Amen” and “did according to this promise.”  Why does it sometimes take a strong rebuke and a reminder of the justice of God on His people to get us to do the right thing.  Truly, the fear of the Lord is a good thing.  We are not as the world, who lives for themselves and all they can get.  We are God’s children who know God will provide for us daily.  We don’t need to take advantage of our brothers and sisters.  When we were children, we lived in fear of getting a spanking if we did the wrong thing.  If we love the Lord, this is not a problem, because we want to please Him every day, all the time.  Love the Lord and walk in fear of displeasing Him unless you like spankings.