Psalm 119:45  “And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.”  Liberty means to have freedom,  The Holman Bible translates it “walk freely in an open place.”  The ESV says, “..I shall walk in a wide place.”  The pledge to our flag says, “…with liberty and justice for all”.  Liberty is freedom.  We are free to walk down the street, free to enjoy God’s creation, free to enjoy God’s blessings.  Freedom is only free if we are not under control of it.  We are all our lifetime in bondage to sin.  Jesus paid to free us from that bondage.  Free to enjoy the good things God provides.  We are free to spread the Gospel around the world.  Free to worship.  Free to praise God.  At least, today we are still free to do these things.  Tomorrow may be another story.  So, the Psalmist says we are to walk in liberty while we can.  If you have read Foxes’ Book of Martyr’s, you know there was a time when there was no liberty to preach and teach and worship according to the Bible.  They gave their lives to hold to the truth.  They could have denied their faith and been free but then they would have been in bondage to that freedom.  The only bondage we want is bondage to Christ.  That is really liberty.  His great love gives us that freedom when He gave His only begotten Son for us.  That’s a great bondage to become the children of God and have liberty to walk in a wide place.  There’s a chorus that says, “Walking with Jesus, walking every day, walking all the way.  Walking with Jesus alone.”  That’s walking in liberty.