Job 29:3 “When his candle shined upon my head, and when by his light I walked through darkness.”  Poor Job.  He is lamenting why this is happening.  He remembers when God took him through hard times before.  God shone His lamp and guided Job through dark times.  His friends try to convince him it is because of his sin.  Job says he has been righteous.  David Roper put it this way: “The path by which God takes us often seems to lead away from our good, causing us to believe we’ve missed a turn and taken the wrong road.  That’s because most of us have been taught to believe that if we’re on the right track, God’s goodness will always translate into earthly good.  That He’ll heal, deliver and exempt us from disease and pain; that we’ll have money in the bank, kids who turn out well, nice clothes, a comfortable living and a leisurely retirement.  In this version of life everyone turns out to be a winner, nobody loses a business, fails in marriage or lives in poverty.”  When we come to the end of our valleys we’ll understand that God had a plan for our ultimate good.  We can walk through the darkness because the light of God is always there.

              He chose this path for me;

Why need I more:  this better truth to know,

       That all along these strange bewildering ways,   

       His mighty arm will bear me all my days

             A few steps more, and I shall see

       This path is best for me.

                                           J. R. MILLER