Matt. 9:1-7 and Mark 2:3-11  They brought a man who is paralyzed lying on a bed to Jesus.  Well, if he is paralyzed, he cannot do much else.  Jesus sees him and says, “Be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you.”  Hallelujah!!  What is better than knowing you will not be judged for your sins because they are forgiven.  He might still be paralyzed but his sins are forgiven and he has eternal life.  That certainly is good cheer.   Here come the critics.  “Who does Jesus think he is saying that?  He blasphemes.  Jesus always does things in the right order.  You can’t know how to walk until you are right with God.  Jesus says first of all, “Your sins are forgiven you.”  Now, he can walk with God.  So Jesus says, “Take up your bed and walk home”.  Once we get saved, once we know Jesus as our Saviour, once we have received Him into our lives, once we have believed and committed ourselves to Him; then we can start to walk.  First things first.  Salvation first and then begin walking with Him.  We must believe that He is first and then we can walk with Him.  When a baby learns to walk, he trusts your open arms.  He believes you will catch him if he stumbles.  Faith comes first.  Trust and then walk.  To the paralytic man, Jesus forgives him (faith) and tells him to walk (trust).  We cannot live the Christian life if we do not know the Christ – the founder and head of the Christian life.   Are you a Christian?  Now begin to walk with your Saviour every day.