There is a hero among us in Zephyrhills. He is a business man who is using his resources to help people realize that we are mortal and can be taken from this earth without any prior notice. He is helping his clients get “all their ducks in a row” to avoid the despair and panic at the time of the loss of a loved one.

          Technically this is not part of the service he traditionally offers his clients. But many are senior citizens and he wants to help them to be ready and organized for that eventual time when death does occur.

          He and his staff are putting in an untold number of hours working individually with these people. As the advertisement on television says “Who does that!?” ‘Tom’ does. (We’ll call him Tom to avoid any possible concern that we are selling his services or trying to enhance his business by using his business name.) Tom feels so committed to his clients and their welfare that he actually says “I am called to do this”

          What an extraordinary example of a Christian he is exhibiting to the world. How caring and, yes, loving he is to the people he serves.  What his clients expect is his financial expertise in handling their investments but he is going above and beyond to be not only a financial advisor but also to help them deal with other aspects of their lives and to help them cope with the complexities of their world.

          He gets no plaque on the wall, no nomination for ‘business man of the year’, no write-up in Fortune magazine for being a successful business man, not even an increased profit for his business. He will tell you he doesn’t need any of it. Tom’s success comes from doing what God call calls him to do. Success can be measured in many ways but the only real success is following God’s will in your life.


God Bless Tom and his staff