The Prophets

There is no need to remind you of the history of the Jews in the Old Testament who turned away from God over and over again. You know these stories. But reading some of the prophets who were raised up by God, the resemblance of the sins of the nations that the prophets were trying to warn against God’s judgment are strikingly similar to today’s world. The words of Jeremiah, Hosea, Amos, Obadiah and Micah, just to mention a few, all predict God’s wrath will come upon them if they don’t change their ways, repent and return to the worship of their God.

          With the coming of the predicted Messiah, we no longer needed the prophets because Jesus spoke the words to us Himself. Now we have had this long period of time after His crucifixion without any prophets to warn us of the coming end times. God gave us the book of Revelations but what we may need is the rise of the prophets again. But are they not here? Are they not writing best-selling books and preaching from the pulpits and on television?

          And, unfortunately, like the ancient prophets, they are being ignored. People nowadays don’t want to hear gloom and doom of the future any more than the people of Old Testament times. These modern day prophets are not convincing people that the end times are here and God will again judge the world and pour down His wrath on a sinful earth. “Let him who has ears, hear these words”

Revelation 22:20 “I am coming soon” So be it “Come, Lord Jesus, come”

          Our very own Pastor Don has said “it is the duty of a prophet to warn the people.” Keep blowing the trumpet at New Hope Baptist Church, Pastor.