The Key

I was given a key. I accepted the responsibility that came with the key willingly. It was not a heavy burden to fulfill its demands for the most part, only on occasion it just added another chore to an already busy day.

          Then a death changed the duties of the key drastically; work to be done, errands to be run, phone calls to make. But I felt privileged to be in a position to help the family. But in the course of events spanning a couple of days due to circumstances not in my control I lost the key. I was embarrassed and felt so sorry I no longer had it.

          I lost sleep that first night without the key and prayed God would help me find it so I could continue to fulfill my obligations.

          But the next morning a person came forward with a duplicate key that neither the family nor I knew they had. Now they took on the duties of being the key holder. I was free! It was only then that I realized that although I had always did what the key needed to be done without any regret or reserve, I felt the burden lifted. After a long time as keeper of the key…I was now free! My emotions were running out of control, though. I felt guilty for losing the key, guilty for feeling free, thinking that I had let the family down.

          I found myself asking “Why didn’t God help me find the key when I asked him?

           After a couple of days of trying to come to terms with everything that had unfolded, the thought came to mind… “Maybe God didn’t want me to find the key.” Maybe it was time to let go of the previous relationships and responsibilities and turn it all over to someone else. My time was finished. Then I praised God for taking away my guilt, my remorse and the burden of keeper of the key as He promises in Romans.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him…”