Isaiah 53

It is all told in Isaiah; So much written about Jesus and all the prophecies that had to be fulfilled. There is no need to write those lines here because it is best for you to read them in the Bible. I do not have the wisdom or the insight to comment on these verses. What does come to my mind is that Jesus knew what was going to happen to him and he knew he had to fulfill prophesies to free us from the laws that did not allow the people to have a relationship with a loving God. Only through him and his death on the cross could we have “God with us” today. (Matthew 1:23) Only through Him could our sins be forgiven and have the opportunity to live in the presence of Almighty God.

          Jesus had no choice but to obey God. (Psalm 31:5, Isaiah 53:7)) He was well aware of His destiny. (Luke 22:42) He could do nothing to stop what history had ordained for Him. (Psalm 22:16) 

           But we are not held under those restrictions. Our voices can be heard. We should be speaking out against the reprobate nation we live in today. Unlike the prophets of the Old Testament trying to warn people about their path to destruction, we cower in silence and fear. Except for a very few voices  shouting from their pulpits in their churches, books and television, we accept the criticism, the ridicule and the growing persecution  and  refuse to stand up against those who want to see the voices of  the followers of Christ silenced.

          Those who are aware of ancient history see how history has repeated itself over and over as nations have turned away from God, have defied His wisdom and refused to obey. Whole civilizations have collapsed when they no longer honored and respected God’s Holy Word! Most theologians agree that we are living in the end times but we bury our heads in the sand and don’t want to hear about all “the bad news” while we refuse to listen to the “Good News” of the Gospel that could save our souls from an eternity in torment instead of the promised eternity in God’s heaven.(Isaiah 65:17-25)

          To the believers, the only hope is to stand firm in our belief and hope that the return of Jesus will come soon (Revelation 22:12) or that God will be merciful and take us home to be with Him before we have to face the wrath that an angry God will bring to this earth. God has given us many promises that we have seen in the Scriptures and in our personal lives, why should we not believe His promise to once again destroy a rebellious nation?

          “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”