If only………

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Mathew 28:19-20


          Many years ago at a golf club in South Carolina we were enjoying a lunch at the awards ceremony after the golf tournament. There was a young black woman tending the serving table. When I went back to get a mislaid spoon, I noticed she was quietly singing to herself. I told her she had a lovely voice and asked what she was singing. She said she had to work that Sunday morning and couldn’t be in church so she was singing hymns to praise the Lord.         

          I had a unique experience a few years ago when I was in Busch Gardens. I had just broken my hand a few days before so my hand was in a cast and a sling. As I was walking along a young man approached me and said “May I pray for you?” He was a clean cut, well dressed young man and I said yes. He took my hand and gave a very heartfelt prayer for healing. He didn’t ask for money, he just said thank you, “God Bless you” and walked away.

          I was dumbstruck, that is, surprised, but grateful for his prayer. I stood back and watched him as he mingled in the crowd. He spoke to a little girl asking her name. Using her name he said “Jesus loves you”. She looked up at him, hesitated and then smiled at him. I continued to watch him at a distance for a while. Soon a man in a wheelchair came along and the young man went to him, spoke to him and then appeared to be praying with him 

          Just  a short time ago I was in a busy intersection in downtown Tampa and a young man, standing on a low stool was singing hymns alternating with quoting scripture. Once again I stood back to watch and listen. What I saw was amazing. I expected people walking by him would speak to him or at least look at him. Not so. They appeared to be making a point of NOT seeing him! And like the other young fellow, he was not soliciting money, not handing out tracts, just publicly praising the Lord in song.

          I was impressed with these young people and only wished I had the courage to witness publically like they were. Not necessarily on a street corner but I pray that somewhere, sometime I can tell the Story to someone.