How to Find God By Patsy Clairmont

(This is a devotion that was shared at a Women’s Mission meeting in February. It seemed worthy of repeating here.)


          “A woman recently wrote to me asking” How do I find God?” Hmmm… Great question, isn’t it? God is sort of like the wind in that we see evidence of   his presence yet he isn’t easily grasped. We can’t touch him, yet we can feel his presence as surely as our own. We don’t hear an audible voice, yet at times he speaks as definitely and clearly as anyone we’ve heard.

          We see God’s fingerprints in his handiwork, like a rose bush, a shooting star or a little baby’s smile. We see a measure of his strength in a hurricane, an earthquake or a bolt of lightning. We see his creativity in a kangaroo, the Grand Canyon or a waterfall.  We see his sense of humor in a porpoise or a penguin, or a cactus. We are aware of his mysteriousness when we consider the Trinity, the solar system and his desire to be in communication with us.

          But how do we find God? Sometimes we search for him and sometimes he finds us. Every time we think of God it may be because he first had us on his mind.. The Lord is always the initiator and has been from the beginning and he will be to the end. So know that once you have invited him into your life, you are on his mind and in your heart.

          That the Lord has settled into our hearts is another mystery. How could we, with our tiny hearts and our itsy, bitsy minds house him who is without beginning and without end? We could not, except for his miraculous power and his desire to live within us.

          How does one find God? Perhaps we need to rest from our pursuit of the Almighty and allow him to reveal himself to us.