Life of the Branch

“Every Branch in Me that bears not fruit He takes away.”

John 15:2


What do we know and understand about the “True Vine” and His purpose? There is much to learn, but may I share what the Holy Spirit has given to me? I have been reading The True Vine by Andrew Murray and have been finding much knowledge as the Holy Spirit is opening my heart and eyes to receive His message.

As we mature in our walk with God, He opens up our thinking to understand more fully His Word, and what a revelation! Our first objective is to realize that the natural vine is a symbol of heavenly things to help us be all that He wants us to be. Jesus tells us that all the vines are pictures and emblems of Himself. They all point to Him, preach Him, and reveal Him. If we want to know Jesus, we must study the vine.

There are three aspects to the Vine. The Husbandman, who is the Father – He planted the Vine, who is Jesus, the Son. Then we have the Branch, His children who have been grafted into the Vine at conversion.  The Vine and the Branch are one, “I in Him, and Him in us.” However, Christ ever lived in the spirit of what He once said, “The Son can do nothing of Himself.” (John 5:19). It is the Father who works through Him to accomplish all things in us.

As Jesus is entirely dependent on the Father every day for the wisdom and the strength to do the Father’s will, what can we possibly be or do without the Vine working through us? He produces all that we need to bring forth fruit for the glory of His Father. Bringing forth fruit is our one purpose in life, drawing the lost into His glorious light by our love and example.


“And every branch that bears fruit, He

purges it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”

John 15:2