November 30, 2014

            What a wonderful month it has been we have celebrated Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. More importantly we have looked at one of the most important prayers in Bible for all believers.

            We have learned it is acceptable to pray ourselves as Jesus first prayed for himself. Praying for ourselves is an important part aspect of prayer it gives us an opportunity to ask that our needs be fulfilled not for earthly possessions but for the wisdom, courage, and strength to be able to worship god and proclaim the Gospel.

            Secondly we must pray for the ones closest to us. The friends and family that we have almost daily contact with. The ones that we love and care for most.

 The last is the rest of the world not only those who believe but also those that are still lost. We need to pray that all believers can feel the same joy and confidence in their salvation that we find in ours and that all nonbelievers will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Dear Lord:

            Give me an opportunity to share the gospel with not only boldness but with clarity of mind that only you can provide. Give me the strength to love those closest to me so they can see you in me. Allow me to share in any way possible the saving of lost and dying world.

In Jesus name I pray amen