November 27, 2014

Today is Thanksgiving. A day set aside to give thanks for what we have been given. A day when family gathers and share a good meal prayers are prayed and everyone feels good about themselves for the day. People gather and feed the homeless feeling good about what they have accomplished for the world what a great difference they have made in their lives.

            Sadly most who are celebrating do not understand the true meaning of joy. They are happy for the moment for one day out of many. A true thanksgiving would be to share the gospel with your family and perhaps one heart will be softened and one person would be saved. So they would find a true joy and be thankful for all the days instead of just one.

Dear Lord:

            This year give me the opportunity to share the gospel with my family and friends. So that they can truly learn what it means to be thankful. Thankful that you went to the cross for my sins so I can find joy always and not just happiness in one day.

In Jesus name I pray amen.