November 21, 2014

John 17:19 (KJV)

And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.

            The last thing Jesus prayed for his disciple was that he would be sanctified. Not for his own glory but that the disciples would be sanctified through the truth. The truth was not only the living word of Jesus but also the written and spoken word.

            Today’s believers are still sanctified by the living word. The living word, Jesus, sits at the right hand of the father and intercedes for every person who has accepted him as their Lord and savior. Believers also need to study the written word to understand how they are to conduct themselves and it is only through hearing the word that men will be saved.

Dear Lord;

Give me the wisdom to be able to discern the meaning of your written word. Learning from the pages of Bible how to conduct myself so I may be a true reflection of you. Give me the words to say so men can have the opportunity to be drawn to you by you.

In Jesus name I pray amen.