November 2, 2014

John 17:1 (KJV)

These words spake Jesus, and lifted up his eyes to heaven, and said, Father, the hour is come; glorify thy Son, that thy Son also may glorify thee:

            Since Jesus hour had come the time of his death, burial, and resurrection were at hand it was time to pray for himself first. In the opening of his prayer Jesus prays to his father as his son once and for all proclaiming to be the son of God, the one and only true Messiah.

            Jesus lifted his eyes to Heaven and asked to be glorified. Not in the selfish way that some Christians ask to glorified so they can be seen in front of large crowds, but strictly to be glorified so he could glorify his father.

            How often do we forget as Christians that our sole purpose of being here on earth is to glorify God? This can be done with our actions and our speech.

            In our actions are we like the people James spoke of in James 2: 15-16? Telling our brothers and sisters that are in need to go and be warmed and filled with food yet we do nothing. We need to show by our actions that we represent the one true God, helping to fulfill the needs of those around us, not for our own glory but the glory of God.

            In our speech do we speak one way around our Christians friends and another around those that are not saved? Our speech should reflect who we are and not who we are with. If what we are saying is not fit for all to hear then God should not have to listen to it coming out of our mouths. So with everything we do and say we must glorify God.


Dear Lord:

            Give me opportunities each day to glorify you, to be able to honor you with each action and word that I speak. Knowing that you went to the cross not only for my sins but for the sins of the world. Lord thank you for paying a debt I could never pay myself. 

In Jesus name I pray Amen.