November 13, 2014

John 17:10 (NASB)

 and all things that are Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine; and I have been glorified in them.

Jesus’ disciples belonged to both Him and the Father. All the disciples were God’s; they belonged to God. But the disciples of God also belonged to Jesus. This is the mutual possession of the disciples by both Jesus and God. If this seems a little confusing it is. This goes back to the idea of a triune God and the fact that all three are different and yet the same. I am going to leave that alone as no one of the things I accept by faith.

Today all believers are held by God and Jesus indwelled with the Holy Spirit. This is a true statement and we need to conduct ourselves as not only the sons and daughters of God but also as the disciples of Jesus. This is only way we as Christians will be able to show our faith. By showing our faith we then will be able to share our faith.


Dear Lord:

          Knowing that I am being held in your hand and a disciple of your son. Give me the opportunity to be a shining example for the world to see an example of what can be gained by believing in your son accepting him as my lord and savior. Daily give me the opportunity to share what you have given me.

In Jesus name we pray amen.