Walking In Step

     Have you ever experienced a time when you felt you were out of step with God – either you weren’t with Him or He wasn’t with you?  Such times are most unsettling.  Thank God for the times when we feel we are marching in unison with Him – walking in harmony.  What is it that puts us in step or out of step with God?  Let us see. 

     Through the mouth of the prophet Amos God solicited Israel to once again  get in step with Him.  He did so with this querry, “Can two walk together, lest they be agreed?”  Amos 3:3  Now, the two who are to walk together are not two Jews or two individuals but Israel and God.  Israel was in a state of rebellion which put them out of step with their God.  

     Amos’ words reveal that it is “agreement” that enables us to walk together.  This agreement is not between individuals but between individuals and God.  We are considered to be in agreement, not with each other, but with God when we believe and submit to His Word.  In other words, Christians are not in agreement with each other rather we are together in agreement with God.

     If we are in agreement with God then we walk in step with God.  King David understood that a good man was one whose steps were ordered by God.  Psalm 37:23  Remember Enoch of old?  What was it that pleased God to suddenly snatch Enoch away?  It was said of him he walked with God.  Enoch was in total agreement with God putting him in perfect step with Him.

     The thing that puts us in agreement with God is that which also orders our steps -that being the Word of God.  The Psalmist penned, “Order my steps in thy word…”  Psalm 119:133  There is no other aid for walking in step with God than His Word.  Therefore it is incumbent on Christians to rely solely on God’s Word for rightly walking with God.

     We all can get out of step with God, as Israel did, because of disobedience.  The next time that happens to you there is an immediate correction available – the Word of God.  Let the Word of God put you back into agreement with Him and you will be walking in step with God once again.


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