The One-Fits-All Answer

     It is true that Christians have questions that the Bible does not answer directly – but it does answer them.  It is equally true that in the absence of a direct answer we don’t need one but we have one though it is not always recognized.  There is not a question that is not answered by these four introductory words to the Bible, “In the beginning God…”

     If we believe that God created all things then we should realize that we are finite in our understanding compared to the omniscient (all knowing) God.  Isaiah records God as saying: “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are  my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts (higher) than your thoughts.”  Isiah 55:9

     Understandably, due to our inferior being and finite minds, there will be questions to which we will find no answers except in these comforting and satisfying words: “In the beginning God…”   We need no other answer!

     If we would think about it there is a very good reason for our unanswered questions.  King Solomon was the wisest man ever and was very wealthy in this world’s goods but yet he wrote: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”  Prov 3:5  King Solomon realized everything he was and everything he had was from God.  Therefore it was not himself that he should trust but God.

     Are we foolish enough to think that if God through His Word does not answer our thoughtful questions the world has answers?  I think not.  Therefore, we are obliged to trust God.  If we had all the answers to possible questions we would trust less in God and more upon ourselves.  We are advised to trust God when we don’t understand or don’t have answers.

     Yes, we live in a troubled world which produces trial-filled lives but Christians need not despair or give way to faithless cries of Why this? or Why that?  In times of uncertainty and unknowing we must trust in the Lord.  We can be comforted and satisfied by this one-fits-all answer, “In the beginning God…”  

     Conversely and equally true we can say, “In the end God…”  There is where our answers lie – with God!

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