Our Wonderful Adoption

     I was never adopted but I was a foster child and lived in three foster homes until I graduated from high school.  However, as a thirty seven year old adult I became an adopted child and my new family has changed my life for the better.

     How did I become an adopted child at age thirty seven?  A life changing event occurred.  I was born again making me a new person with a new life and a new family.  If you are a Christian you experienced those same transformations. You were made a new person with a new life and a new family – the adopted family of of God.

     Like myself, you probably didn’t understand all the changes that happened with you and in you at salvation but as we learn and grow in the Lord the wonderfulness of God’s adoption becomes more exciting and meaningful.  When we got saved by faith in Christ God adopted us by the Holy Spirit into His family.  That gave us the position of kinship with His Son, Jesus Christ, making us His eternal brethren.  What a wonderful adoption! 

     The truly wonderful aspect of our adoption is this.  Because God has adopted us and made us eternal brethren of Jesus we will share in the inheritance of Christ.  We are joint heirs with Him.  We will inherit a portion of all that Jesus inherits which is everything.  All that has been inherited by heirs in this world will not compare to our heavenly inheritance awaiting us.

     Let us never again grieve or grumble at not having more of this world’s inheritance.  Let us look forward with great anticipation to a greater inheritance when we stand as heirs with Jesus Christ in heaven.  What Jesus inherits from the Father we will share it with Him.  What a wonderful adoption!

     We who are adopted by God can look at richest of men and see their poverty.  For outside of God’s adoption, even though they may have all the world has to offer, they will leave this world unclaimed by God and lose all they have.  May we  reach out to these unfortunates and attempt to bring them to God for adoption.  They too will gleefully declare, “What a wonderful adoption!”


     adoption references: Ephesians 1:5;  Galatians 4:5;  Romans 8:14-17, 23;  Romans 9:4; John 1:12;  I John 3:1-2