A Valuable Find

I love to watch the Antiques Road Show on TV.  Not infrequently we see a person who purchased an item for a pittance and it turned out to be very valuable.  Sometimes, in a moment of fleshly lust, I yearn, “Where is my valuable find?”  Then I rebound in the Spirit and realize I have found the most valuable possession of all.

     In the Gospel of John we read of Andrew finding something of great value.  He said to his brother, Peter, “We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ.”  John 1:41  Andrew wanted Peter to find the valuable possession which he had found, Jesus Christ.  Why?  Because finding Jesus is to find eternal life.  How valuable is that? 

     Finding this invaluable possession is possible for anyone and everyone.  All that is necessary is for one to seek Him – to honestly and sincerely want Him.  Here is what God told the wayward Jews.  “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”  Jer 29:13  Jesus said it simply with, “…seek, and ye shall find…”  Matt 7:7

     Seeking is a matter of having a heartfelt desire to have God’s gift of matchless value and asking for it.  “…whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  Acts 2:21  Again, Jesus put it simply, “Ask, and it shall be given you…”  Matt 7:7  Salvation is free not because no price is demanded but because we could not pay the price required.  Jesus was God’s price tag! 

     Do you recall who led you to Jesus as Andrew did Peter?  Do you remember when you found Jesus Christ by faith?  Did He not then become your most valuable possession – a possession which you gladly and willfully gave your life for?  What can the world offer us now who have heaven’s most valuable find?

     Sadly there are people all around us who need to find what we have found. May we be like the Apostle Andrew and seek to introduce people to our valuable find, Jesus Christ.  What a blessing that would be.


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