Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you

(Isaiah 43:1b-2a).

More about my auto accident . . .

During this time I tried to inform the people who were there to assist that I am TOTALLY DEAF and could not find my sound processors or either head piece that had fallen off.

Finally, I was able to retrieve one from under the seat and the battery which had fallen off the sound processor itself. So, now I was able to hear in my left ear!

Due to my progressive deafness, about 7 years ago I was so blessed to have 2 Cochlear Implant surgeries, 3 months apart. They made it possible for me to hear again when the headpieces are magnetically attached to the two small computers underneath the skin.

Blood was dripping from the right side of my head above the ear, running down my neck and onto my sweater, then dripping on the console of my car. A kind gentleman reached into my purse which he had taken from the back seat, grabbed some tissue and handed them to me.

I had such pain under my left rib cage that it almost took my breath away. Moments later a policeman said I needed to be taken to the hospital for observation. Soon they were ready to put me in the rescue squad but I was frantically searching for the other hearing device.

Others were helping me. We found the sound processor and headpiece but not the battery that attaches to the bottom of the sound processor. The policeman told me he would look for it now that he had seen what the left one looks like; he brought it to the hospital and gave it to me.

Soon after the initial shock of the traumatic event, I realized God in His love and wisdom had kept me in sweet serenity through the raging storm that day by completely shutting out the sounds of the wreckage! Were there sirens? I don’t know. I could not SEE anything that took place behind me nor HEAR what was happening but my Gentle Shepherd knew, and He protected me in more ways than I can imagine. He is so good! Praise His marvelous name!

For intimacy with Him we need attentiveness and receptivity. Attentiveness is searching and directing our focus on Him at all times so that we receive His perfect peace (Isaiah 26:3). Receptivity is allowing ourselves to be filled with His glorious and abundant riches in our innermost being.

When we rest in His radiant presence, there’s a “cushion of calm” at the center of our lives which is energized by His love, joy, and peace.

My times are in my Father’s hand;

How could I wish or ask for more?

For He who has my pathway planned

Will guide me till my journey’s o’er. –Fraser


  1. It’s just so amazing to me, Ruby, how God brought you so much help immediately after your car accident. I guess you were on your way home from church. How reassuring to have church people looking after you and doing whatever was needed. God is SO GOOD! I’m glad you were spared all the noise that must have been in the background. And I’m extremely thankful that your life was spared and you have been able to recover. Praise the Lord!

    1. God promises to take care of His own & He did it so marvelously through His choice servants. I’m so grateful for their love & care.

      Thank you, Helen, & all who have read the devotions. I trust everyone has been blessed.

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