My Journal

I accepted Jesus as my Savior and was then baptized on March 22, 2009. I began a journal on my computer to follow my faith journey. I was in my 70’s and had no background in any religious training. It is so interesting to go back now in April 2014 and see how I have changed, learned and progressed. I have broken down the entries to be viewed on successive days so sometimes an entry may have two dates on a page while others may be longer and have only one date per page. I have not changed or edited any pages except those that did not lend themselves to the purpose of this exercise and therefore did not include them. So the next   12 devotions will be taken from my blog. (The names have been changed)

May 2009

          I asked God to help me stop smoking. I had been smoking for 50 years, and after many past failed attempts to quit, God helped me quit. I could not have done it without him. I have decided to take the training as a Hospice Patient Volunteer.

October 10, 2009

          I have learned a new lesson today. God says I want to be there for you to help you and love you. I hear the words, so I believe them, but it is very hard to practice. For example, yesterday I couldn’t get my cell phone activated, worked for an hour and a half with tech support to fix the television, couldn’t make the computer program work for a photo book I was making. I was discouraged and upset.

          Then this morning on my morning bike ride I watched a jet fly over. It occurred to me that is quite a miracle. How many thousands of pounds does an airplane weigh, then add a couple hundred people and all their luggage. If I had never actually flown on a plane or if I was telling someone that had never seen one, we both would agree….”That ain’t possible!” But if God saw to it that a jet was developed and it could fly, then why not help me with my cell phone, my television and my computer program? But certainly God has more important things to tend to than my technical problems and I shouldn’t bother him. But, then again, doesn’t the Bible tell us to pray when we need Him? I did.

          When I returned home that morning, I tried again to solve those problems from yesterday and make everything work again. I activated my phone on the first try, turned on the television to check the weather and the TV was working, and when I started to work on my photo book it went very smoothly.

Wow! I must learn to believe God and trust Him. I hope this new lesson has taught my that nothing is impossible with God and He does answer my prayers.