My Journal

October 11, 2013

Now I have to get ready for the Harvest Festival in Zephyrhills for the church on Nov. 2, the Pastor Appreciation dinner on Sunday, the girls coming to visit on Nov. 11 which also means a birthday cake for their Dad, and the women’s tea at church on Nov. 16

God is good, life is good, Thank you Lord.

November 3, 2013

A whole new world has opened to me.

My new church and the people and the pastors have led me to whole new level of learning, understanding and knowledge. The more I learn, the more I want to learn more. I am so completely amazed at the Bible! The more I study, the more amazed at what God’s Word tells us. I am active in the church, YET, I see so many other places and things I could do to serve God but have come to the realization that I can become so busy with serving God that I have no time to worship Him and study the Word. I am trying to establish a balance with serving Him, studying and learning, but I still must be a wife and mother. I pray that God will show me how.

Same day……………later in the same day.

          I have a friend at church that I can talk to when I need help so I went to her. I felt better but still not resolved about how to handle working at church but not to become so involved that I have no time for anything else. So I went for a walk. I was still confused. I wanted to pray but I didn’t even know what to pray. This morning on the Pastor’s facebook page he quoted Philippians 4:6-7 as a thanksgiving devotion and as I walked I remembered it and prayed it. God answered my prayer immediately and I actually grew weak, sat on a bench with such a feeling of relief and was filled with his presence. He stayed with me all the way home. Such joy, such a feeling of his presence and I was no longer upset or confused. I knew I had to sit and write about it while that wonderful feeling was still with me. I don’t know how to explain it, I have no words to describe it but Jesus was with me. Thank you, Jesus.