My Journal

December 6, 2011

Wow..what a lot to catch up on. Been so busy doing the work the Lord is calling me to do every day, along with the extra church work this time of year and trying to get my Christmas organized for the kids and house decorations and Dick is sick with a cold, Also for three days I was on the phone with technical support and technicians at the house three days in a row trying to fix a problem with Dick’s computer. That issue is solved. But what I really wanted to write was that on my way to do a visitation for the church I was chatting with God and said I was so tired, I had so much to do and could he help me find some peace in this busy schedule. I told him I was glad to be able to serve him, grateful for all the opportunities he is giving me but I was struggling with trying to keep up with everything. In the blink of an eye I was totally embraced, flooded with such a peace, such a calm feeling that was unbelievable but so very real! Thank you dear Jesus for always being there whenever I need you.

January 26, 2013

          How do I begin to tell of such a ‘shower of blessings’! God is so much a part of me, so much a part of my life, what joy and peace I have missed out on all the years before I came to accept Jesus as my Savior. Where do I begin?? My life, my husband, my son, my daughters and grandchildren and my church.

I can’t relate all, but have to mention some…….My son is far away in Hong Kong and I miss him. I can imagine how happy God must be when his children go to him for help or just to say thank you, I love you. It seems I can go only so long without hearing from one of my children and I feel sad. God knows this and just when the sadness reaches a certain point….I get phone calls or messages from ALL OF THEM!! He is such a compassionate God. But we must remember He wants to hear from His children, too!

February 2013

          Just recently I did something to my knee stretching over the bed to tuck in a sheet. I could put no weight on it and it was very painful. Well, long story to short story. Emergency room, x-rays, knee brace and crutches. This happened on a Thursday. I was so tired, too busy, trying to do so many things..I was really exhausted. Well, another long story made short….the pain medicines they gave me, the crutches, the leg brace forced me to take three days off! No meals to prepare, no housework, no laundry, no patients, even no church! Now here’s the meat of this story. I had been praying to God for a week asking Him to help me sort out my life to be less busy. Well, God did lead me to some decisions I had to make but I really needed some rest! By the fourth day my knee was so much improved, I could be up and around with my normal activities. God knew how tired I was and gave me a few days enforced rest. Thank you to my compassionate, merciful