My Journal

July 1, 2011

As I read back over what I have written in previous years, I chuckle at how naive and inexperienced I was. I can see how much I have matured in my faith, in my trust in God, in my love for Him. My life has changed so very much. I no longer am interested in playing golf, bridge, shopping, watching TV, reading anything except the Bible. Even my avid enthusiasm with the Rays baseball team has toned down to something a little more reasonable. My life now is now centered around God and I find anytime it isn’t, I lose the joy in my heart. I have learned to talk with Jesus, walk with Jesus, praise Jesus for what I have, and trust that whatever plans he has for me are what is best for me. My life is full of joy, contentment, peace and love. I have come to a point where I have absolute faith in God, in praying and in His answering prayers. I even prayed for a little lost, homeless puppy and just a few days later a man took him and it was a blessing from God for the dog and the man. I can’t even begin to describe all the answered prayers (and some I didn’t even know I needed an answer!)

Thank you, Lord!

January 3, 2012

          I have missed seeing and talking with my children and I tell God how difficult it is not to see the kids and grandkids. Today I was on the phone with Kathy, back and forth e-mails about the possibility of renting a cottage in Maine for a possible family reunion with all my children and grandchildren this summer. I am going to see my children and my grandchildren!! This would not have been possible except our financial adviser called this past week to tell us that a CD we had invested in more than ten years ago was coming due. We had forgotten it was there. That would pay for our vacation in Maine this summer. God is good. I have been so sad about not seeing the children and grandchildren and now God has given me the means to seeing them.

“What an awesome God we serve.”