My Journal

January 2010

          It has been difficult for me to hand over my problems and concerns to God but I am learning to do it. And you know what…It works!! If I am patient and don’t try to take over…he answers every prayer.! He solves all problems.!

My life is simple now. So few complications, so little stress. Just trust him and love him and my life has changed. What a joy to have God in my heart!

October 2010

          God has given me so many opportunities to serve him and the joy I feel is indescribable. It has been a year and five months since I stopped smoking. I could not have done it without his help.

October 2010

          Talking to Joe about the Bible, God telling me to see Ethel at the nursing home at a time when she was thirsty, messy diaper, strapped in her wheelchair and left in the corridor. Makita’s conversation via e-mail about his faith, Lorette’s question about heaven. The spirit gives me a continual feeling of joy in my life because Jesus loves me. Thank you, dear God for forgiving my sins and teaching me a new life, and showing me how to “walk in love”.

December 2010

          Two of my patients died and I was beginning to question if Hospice was where I wanted to be. Then on a Sunday in early December a church member told me she had a dream about me. In her dream she saw me helping a dying man accept Jesus as his Savior. I saw this as a message from God that he wanted me in Hospice. Then I had to go back and look at my volunteer award . Yes, God wants me in Hospice.

June 2011  

I went through a bad time in January because I was not being given any new patients. I had been so sure that was where God wanted me to be, but I wasn’t serving patients anymore. But, again, I learned a lesson. Jane’s husband was diagnosed with cancer. They were both very worried and Jane had to be at the hospital a lot with him which meant she had to time away from her classroom. I volunteered to work with her. It turned out that I bonded with the kids, helped Jane do some things she didn’t have time for while taking care of James. I enjoyed being with the kids, was pleased to be helping Jane. Then I was asked to do a patient at the nursing home across from the school, which was great timing (school opened late so I could go to the nursing home and then to school.) I also could visit with Gloria(a former patient) while I was there even though she was no longer on Hospice care. I went to school twice a week.

When school ended I was given two delightful women in two different nursing homes and dropped off the one on Mondays. So when my patient load dropped, I started at school. When school ended I picked up two new patients. Now tell me…is God directing my life??