My Journal

September 2009

          I have been fascinated how a pastor can take just a few words of Scripture and write a sermon so I tried it (just a mini-sermon). I showed Brother Howard what I have wrote and as usual it develops into a teaching lesson for me. One time he told me “Stop trying so hard to please God. Relax, slow down and listen for His voice.” He always makes helpful comments on my writing and encourages me to write more. It is a great learning experience. He has left the church.

September 2009

          Today is a special day. The temperature was 62 when I got up this morning. Fall is here. It has been four months since I stopped smoking. It is such a blessing to work with my Hospice patients. I thank God that he led me to serve him this way.

September 30, 2009

          God has changed my life. What was important to me before is secondary in my life now. Having Jesus in me brings me peace and joy. Studying the Bible is a challenge and a blessing. I have a whole new set of values, a reason to live.

I am pleased with where I am in my relationship with God but constantly have to battle against pride and arrogance. I have trouble remembering that I should pray and ask God to help me with these problems.

Dec. 4, 2009

          I just found out I was chosen “volunteer of the year” for Hospice patient care for Gulfside Regional Hospice. I am so pleased that God has directed me to do Hospice and every time I was tired or discouraged, he gave me the strength to keep going. I am completely overwhelmed that God has chosen me to do this work for him. The work itself is rewarding but the award affirms that Hospice is where I need to be. God gives me so much joy and love that it overflows from me to my patients. The light of Jesus shines through me. I am serving Him. I remember asking God very early in my journey to give me an opportunity to serve him. Now I realize I wasn’t ready and had to wait for His time.