My Journal

January 10, 2014

Still dealing with the hand but FINALLY got an appointment with Dr. Baker. He took off the old cast and put on a removable cast and I will have physical therapy and then see him again in two weeks. But my whole attitude has changed and I am dealing with it better now that I have the removable cast on.

Lots going on a church and I am loving being in the middle of it. Had to postpone seeing my Hospice patients for awhile until my hand is better.

Feb 2, 2014

It’s been too long but have been trying to catch up on things I couldn’t do with the cast plus appointments EVERYWHERE for both Dick and I and therapy twice a week. Whew!! I had been asked to write devotions for April for the church website and I couldn’t think of anything to write. I almost told them at church I couldn’t do it. I prayed about it. The very next day I wrote two devotions!! I should have realized when the timing was right I would have many ideas to write about.

March 9, 2014

I am amazed, but not really surprised, how God has put pastors and mentors in my life for each level that I have attained spiritually. Back in 2009 I had Brother Howard and Pastor White for little while before they left. I had Mary, my next door neighbor, then Pastor Claude helped me decide I needed to change to a different church. At New Hope I have four spiritually beautiful women who help me grow and the wonderful teachings of all the pastors. I joined New Hope Baptist Church in April, 2013 and I have progressed in my faith more than I did all the previous five years.

          But now it is time to end my journal but not my story. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to teach me and guide me and that Jesus will walk beside me until that day, as the song goes, “when he will take me by the hand and lead me to the promised land. What a glorious day that will be!”