God doesn’t want to use me because…………..

“The world might say there are many reasons why God wouldn’t want to use you or me. But don’t worry………….

Moses stuttered

Abraham was too old

Paul killed Christians

Moses was a murderer

So was David.

Rahab was a prostitute

David committed adultery

Jonah ran away from God

Noah was very old.

Satan says you are not worthy.

God doesn’t look back and see our mistakes, He looks back and sees the cross.

What you might have done wrong is not even on the record.

God is not prejudiced by color or race.

He is not judging, grudging, not deaf to our cry and not blind to our need.

There may be lots of reasons why you think God wouldn’t want you, but if we love Him and hunger for Him, He will use us for His purpose in spite of who we are, where we’ve been or what we look like. He is asking us to come to Him. Step out of your own imagined limitations into the nature of who God is.” Believe in Him.

Source unknown.