“Our lives are increasingly governed and arbitrated by data and networks. The rate of change….the amount of data and the number of transactions occurring on line is increasing lickity-split. We don’t have the ability to understand and control the consequences of this increasing change or to keep up with its rapidly changing pace. We see the world changing and growing so fast we can’t even understand it, never mind shape it.

        The real shocker will be how and where our society is hit and whether we can avoid some sort of techno-armageddon that might, for example shut down the banking system of the whole world or cut off the power in half our country. To me it is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when.” Waiting for the Datapocalypse by Andy Serwer in Fortune Magazine-February.(excerpts)

        Is this another aspect of the failure of world society leading to the Biblical “end times”? We must be aware and make conscientious efforts to understand  and pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us.

        The prophets in the Old Testament warned nations of coming disasters, but they chose, again and again not to listen and suffered God’s wrath.  Countless numbers of Bible scholars’ today point out the signs of the coming end times, yet so many people in the world refuse to see the truth in today’s news as it corresponds to Biblical prophecy.

        The saying ‘history repeats itself’ proves itself to be true and begs the question “Will we never learn?”